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Announcing the Cali4nia Pass: One Pass, Four Iconic California Mountains

By: Mammoth Mountain New Cali4nia Season Pass Provides Unrestricted Access to Mammoth Mountain, Bear Mountain, Snow Summit and June Mountain California’s ski/snowboard season is less than two months away and there’s already major news coming out of the mountains. Officials at Mammoth Mountain and Bear Mountain/ Snow Summit today announced a new joint pass that… Read More

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Our Child Doesn’t Want to Ski. What Should We Try?

Dear BSM, My husband and I love to ski, but our 5-year-old…. not so much.  We took him a couple of times last year and I tried to make it really fun.  (Lots and lots of hot chocolate!) This year, he wanted to go at first, took a couple of lessons, then during one lesson… Read More

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Five Reasons Why Your Kids Should Ski Free

If you’ve got a 5th or 6th grader, this could be your best winter ever! Whether you live in Colorado or New York, Utah or Maine, if you live in a skiing state, there’s a good chance your state has a “Passport Program” that allows kids in a certain grade (usually 5th and 6th, sometimes… Read More

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Overcoming the Enemies of Fun Family Skiing

Tips for avoiding cold feet, dehydration and hunger when skiing and snowboarding with kids. If you can overcome these three challenges, there’s nothing left to do but have fun! Family skiing is supposed to be fun. But sometimes things happen that make it not so fun. In fact, some of these things can so effectively… Read More