Learn all about Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a terrific way to enjoy the great outdoors in winter.

The pleasures of cross country skiing can take your mind off the stresses of the daily grind, whether you seek the solitude of solo skiing or are spending some quality time with family and friends. It's also a great aerobic activity. You'll get a low-impact workout while enjoying the outdoors, and the scenery sure beats the view at your local health club.

Should you get a lesson before you strap on cross country skis or better yet, how do you find the perfect pair of skis? And really what is Polartec or lycra fabric, and does it really keep me warm or wick away the moisture? Isn’t cross country skiing a workout in itself, why do you need to stretch or warm-up beforehand – 'cause trust us – your muscles will thank you later.

So take some time and peruse through these articles. We guarantee you will find some useful information. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, we encourage you to visit your local specialty retail shopthey are the experts and can answer all your questions. 


Why Try Cross Country?

Julia Ford, Sochi Olympian in SL, talks about why she cross country skis. There are few sports better for friends, family fun adn fitness.  If you have not already tried, listen to what she says and give it a shot.


Julia XC is Fun from SIA Nordic on Vimeo.


video Tutorials

Want to hear from the pros about getting started cross country skiing?  Check out this video on how to dress for skiing using layers and technical fabrics.  Although this video from Swix speaks primarily about sport specific clothing, you probably have clothing in your closet that will work just fine.


Swix How To Dress from SIA Nordic on Vimeo.


Ski Trax - Snowlink

FasterSkier.com - Snowlink