Top 10 Ski Resorts in North America: The best of the 2014 Freeskier Resort Guide

By: Freeskier Magazine
December 3, 2013


Based on what we’ve seen and what we love about these ski resorts, we’ve ranked the top 10 ski destinations; this information is originally presented in our 201

4 Resort Guide. We made this list by trying to answer

the questions our friends ask us: I have a week of vacation, where should I go? I want to ski a badass park, where should I go? I want to stop at the end of an epic t-to-b run and have a delicious drink, where should I go? I just got fired from my job and I want to move to a ski town for a year (and maybe stay for twenty), where should I go? The below is just one example of what you’ll find in the Resort Guide—there, the information is spread across 17 pages, including lists like “Best on a powder day” (Pg. 076), “Best after the storm” (Pg. 077), Parks (Pg. 078), Towns (Pg. 080), Après and Nightlife (Pg. 081), Steeps (Pg. 082), Deets (Pg. 083), The East (Pg. 084), The In-Between (Pg. 085), Gettin’ Up (Pg. 086) and Gettin’ There (Pg. 088).

At the bottom of this page, we’ve created a poll—we’re inquiring where you might like to spend an upcoming ski vacation, or just let loose for a few days. While it’d be an enormous challenge (time suck) to include all of the ski areas in North America, we’ve simplified things by including only those spots which received editorial mention in the 2013 and/or 2014 Resort Guide issues. So, browse through the available destinations, and let us know: Where would you go to spend your hard earned cash? And, of course, please enjoy our top 10 resort ranking and the accompanying beta.

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