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Athlete Limelight: Christopher Ewart – Meier Skis

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

April 16, 2013

Telemarker is racking up medals—including gold—at Teva Winter Mountain Games

Christopher EwartTelemark skiing is what it’s all about for 24-year-old Christopher Ewart. With an impressive resume that includes a gold medal in the Inaugural Teva Winter Mountain Games Best Trick (Double Front Flip) and many published photos in print and online magazines, Christopher is well on his way to becoming a big name in the Telemark industry. A Colorado native, Christopher loves to represent local brands such as Meier Skis, and works as a full-time EMT in the Vail Valley.

Which ski do you compete on?
I compete with the “Johnny Ringos” for Park and Pipe, and “The Doc” for Big Mountain.

My other sponsors include: SCARPA, Kind Design, Sweet Protection, and Beaver Creek Resort

Why Meier Skis?
I love the idea of independent companies searching for a better way to make skis. Anybody can make a good ski, but if they’re able to do it with renewable resources, and eco-friendly materials, it’s a huge plus. Pulling dying and downed wood from local forestry means less devastating impact on our environment. Bottom line, Meier makes some of the best skis in the industry, and they make them in the best way possible. I like that.


1. The mountain I learned to ski on was: Nashoba Valley, MA when I was 3 years old

2. I can’t live without: My skis or my dirtbike.

3. My favorite cuisine is: Sour Gummy Worms, beef jerky and orange Gatorade.

4. When I’m not skiing, you can find me: Twisting the throttle at a moto track or just enjoying a tasty beer in the sun.

5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Dumb and Dumber…Duh! We’re in the Rockies!

6. Who/What inspires you? I try to use other sports as inspiration to innovate my free heel skiing. I’ll pick from snowboarding, motocross, skateboarding or surfing to try and generate ideas to bring to snow on my own skis. I love doing new tricks or variations that nobody has done before, and it’s easy with Telemark, because it’s just starting to get real popular in the freestyle scene.

7. Favorite:

  1. Bands: Bluegrass, Reggae, Hip Hop and Dubstep. You name it and it’s on my playlist.
  2. Books: I wish I had more interest in reading… but The Hitchhikers Guide to that Galaxy is an awesome book.
  3. Vacation Spots: Jackson Hole, Targhee, Moab, Vegas…  I love everywhere I go!


Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

By: Snowlink
March 13, 2013

Featured in Warren Miller’s Flow State, the 2010 World Cup Super G winner also founded the first North American ski racing camp for girls

Keely has had a love affair with going fast on her skis since before she can remember. She has spent 22 years ski racing, 8 of which were on the U.S. Ski Team. Specializing in the speed events, Keely raced competitively on the World Cup speed circuit scoring regularly and winning the 2010 National Super G title. In 2011 she founded the first ski racing camp for girls in North America, based around the mission to coach, inspire and empower girls through ski racing and big mountain skiing.

Recently, Keely has transitioned from ski racer to big mountain skier. Last year she was a featured athlete in Warren Miller’s 2012 Flow State. She is also involved with the Shelly Glover Sports Foundation and Climate Reality Project.

Keely’s sponsors: Tecnica (Inferno 130) boots & Blizzard Skis (Scout 185 or Dakota 177), Shred Optics, and Slytech Protection.


1. The mountain I learned to ski on was: Big Sky, Montana when I was 2 years old.

2. I can’t live without: Giving back

3. My favorite cuisine is: Biscuits and gravy

4. When I’m not skiing, you can find me: On the river in my kayak

5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Rudy

6. Who/What inspires you? My family, friends and Daron Rahlves

7. Favorite:

  1. Bands: Trampled by Turtles, Of Monsters & Men, & Devil Makes Three
  2. Books: Unbroken by Laura Hildenbrand
  3. Vacation Spots: My backyard in Montana


Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

February 27, 2013

Founder of Mt. Bachelor’s Dirksen Derby Raised $30,000 for Spinal Injury Awareness at 2012 Event

Josh was born in Canada, raised in Oregon, and now he currently lives with his Swiss wife in Zürich, Switzerland. Josh has been a professional snowboarder for over 15 years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Throughout his career he has shot tons of photos, filmed a few video parts, competed annually in the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom, stood on the podium at the X-Games, organized the Dirksen Derby snowboard race for Tyler Eklund, and ridden a lot of powder. Dirksen’s current projects include splitboarding with Jeremy Jones and crew for TGR`s Deeper/Further/Higher movie trilogy, traveling with the Salomon team while filming the “Team Vacation” web series, and planning the 7th annual Dirksen Derby at Mt. Bachelor for December 2013.

The Dirksen Derby is becoming known as one of snowboarding’s most fun events, drawing legends like Terje Haakonsen and Bjorn Lienes. Josh started the Derby to have a fun home mountain event at Mt. Bachelor and to give back to the industry. The event benefits Tyler Eklund, a Mt. Bachelor snowboarder who was tragically paralyzed in a USASA event in 2007. In 2012 the 6th annual Dirksen Derby raised $30,000 to benefit Tyler and to raise spinal injury awareness.

Who are your sponsors? Patagonia, Salomon Snowboards, Dakine, Smith Optics, Mt. Bachelor Ski Area, Drink Water

Josh DirksenWhat model boards do you ride? Salomon Sick Stick 166 (splitboard), Rancho 160, Man board 156, and Derby 151


  1. The mountain I learned to ride on was Willamette Pass in Oregon when I was 13 years old.
  2. I can’t live without: a little bit of stretching everyday
  3. My favorite cuisine is: Züri-Geschnetzeltes (Swiss food)
  4. When I am not riding, you can find me: in Switzerland with my wife, Fabienne
  5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Subjekt: Haakonsen (1996 snowboard film)
  6. Who/What inspires you? Stoked snowboarders

Favorite Bands: The classics – Metallica, Slayer, Primus, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash

Favorite Books: Current State: Snowboarding, Author- David Benedek

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Rancho Relaxo” in Bend, Oregon


Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

January 2, 2013

Burton Riders extol the virtues of Shea Butter, Super Troopers, Family and Friends

We caught up with Burton Snowboard athletes John Jackson & Mikkel Bang. Both athletes are featured in Burton’s newest movie, 13.

During the 2011-12 season, John Jackson’s had an impressive part in X Games Real Snow Backcountry and a 4th place finish at Supernatural with a run that ended in a massive best trick-winning double cork. John Jackson was born at Mammoth, rode at June Mountain, and won U.S. Nationals at a young age.

Mikkel Bang, a Norwegian native, grew up getting extra credit with his standout video part in Burton’s “It’s Always Snowing Somewhere” and the opener of TransWorld’s “In Color.” He also learned switch backside 12’s, won X Games medals and Dew Tour overall titles—all before he earned his high school diploma in 2009. “I started snowboarding because it was JUST about fun with my friends. My first big accomplishment was to get on the Burton team when I was 11 years old. Now the biggest accomplishment is that I live off something that I love to do and I get to travel the world seeing new things and enjoying it with good friends,” he says.

John JacksonJohn Jackson
Board: Burton, Custom X

Did You Know . . . ?

  1. The mountain I learned to ski/board on was Mammoth Mountain when I was 11 years old
  2. I can’t live without: A nice Shea butter foot massage, planting exotic flora in my garden, and a good naked trot
  3. My favorite cuisine is: Cajun food, extra spice
  4. When I’m not skiing, you can find me: At the festy deep in the woods
  5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Super Troopers
  6. Who/What inspires you? The wise and fearless

    Favorite Bands:
    Old Crow Medicine Show, The Devil Makes Three, Beats Antique, Groundation, Akron Family, Kalya Scintilla
    Books: The Rock Warriors Way
    Vacation Spots: Home sweet home

Mikkel BangMikkel Bang

Board: I ride Burton Custom!

Did You Know. . . ?

  1. The mountain I learned to board on was Hemsedal, Norway when I was 7 years old
  2. I can’t live without: Family & friends
  3. My favorite cuisine is: all of them
  4. When I’m not snowboarding, you can find me: Skateboarding
  5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Dumb & Dumber
  6. Who/What inspires you? Joy of life

    Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin
    Books: Art of Happiness
    Vacation Spots: Coast of Norway

Athlete Limelight: JESSIE DIGGINS

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

November 27, 2012

“Nordic Skiing is my job, and an athlete is who I am down to my core. I am thankful for every race and training opportunity, and having the chance to share and inspire others. I’m excited to continue this career in the hope of standing on the Olympic Podium with my teammates, and I believe with all my heart that this goal is attainable.” – Jessie Diggins.

The 2011/2012 season was a tremendous breakthrough for her, as she started her season racing in the U.S. on the SuperTour and NorAm circuit, and won 9 out of 11 races, then swept Nationals and won the U.S. title in all four races. After flying across the pond in January to compete the rest of the season on the World Cup, Jessie sJessie Digginscored points for the U.S. (placed in the top-30) in 10 races, and placed in the top-10 in 5. Her best finishes included Silver Medal in the skate team sprint in Italy with Kikkan Randall; qualifying first in the Moscow skate sprint then placing 6th in the heats; and finishing 5th in a 10km skate in Rybinsk, Russia. Jessie was the youngest female skier to qualify for the World Cup finals, where she placed 15th overall and ended the season making the distance red group (top-30 in the world) and was ranked 34th in the overall World Cup points. But the best part of her season was being part of such a strong women’s team that made history numerous times; first team sprint podiums, first team sprint podium with Canada on the steps as well, and first top-5 in a relay. The success of the season led to Jessie Diggins’ nomination to the USST’s A-team this spring, and left her fired up to train hard and contribute as much as she possibly can to team USA in the upcoming season!

“I think Nordic Skiing in the U.S. has been getting better and better and I see us being serious medal threats in the next Olympics”, said Jessie. “We had a number of historic finishes last season and the whole team has been training hard all summer and looking really strong!”

Q&A – Snapshot with Jessie Diggins

  1. The area I learned to ski at was Willow River State Park when I was 2 years old
  2. I can’t live without: A little adrenaline now and then!
  3. My favorite cuisine is: Anything not too spicy
  4. When I’m not Nordic skiing, you can find me: Reading, cooking with my teammates, exploring whatever town I’m in at the moment
  5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Oh, that’s hard…I love feel-good movies like Miracle on Ice
  6. Who/What inspires you? My teammates and coaches; we all are working towards the same goals as a team and we’ve always got each other’s back!
  7. Who are your sponsors? Salomon – skis, boots, bindings. Other Sponsors: One Way poles, Rudy Project glasses/helmet, and headgear sponsor is Slumberland Furniture.
  8. Favorite:
    a. Bands:
    Lady Gaga, the Lumineers, Robyn, Maroon 5
    b. Books:
    The Help, Angels and Demons, the Golden Compass
    c. Vacation Spots:
    Anywhere with a beach and huge waves!
  9. Last words/inspiration to youth: “Cross Country Skiing is a lifetime sport that is super fun. You can play games on skis, go as fast as you’d like, hit jumps, go uphill, across flats and down hills. There are no limits!”

Athlete Limelight: Jeremy Jones

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

October 2, 2012


Jeremy Jones is widely regarded as one of the best big mountain snowboarders in the world. Nine times voted “Best Big Mountain Rider of the Year” by Snowboarder Magazine and has starred in over fifty snowboard movies worldwide, including 2010’s “Deeper”. Jeremy was named “2010 Action Sports Athlete of the Year” at X Dance and is the Founder and CEO of Jones Snowboards. Jeremy also founded Protect Our Winters to unite the winter sports community against climate change. Jeremy has appeared frequently in worldwide media including Outside Magazine and TV, Men’s Journal, ESPN, Fox News, NBC and National Geographic. Last weekend in Aspen, CO at #TheMeeting8, Jeremy introduced his new film Further. Everyone turned out to see what Jeremy Jones put together.

Who are your sponsors? What model board do you ride?
As the owner of Jones Snowboards, I’m constantly evolving by testing new boards but my go-to board would have to be the Mission 161 or Flagship 161. Other sponsors: O’Neill, POC, Swatch, Cliff Bar, Contour, Sanuk, Karakorum, Now, Jones Snowboards

Q&A- Snapshot with Jeremy Jones:
1. The mountain I learned to ride on was: Stowe, VT when I was 9 years old
2. I can’t live without: The outdoors
3. My favorite food is: Raw Fish
4. When I’m not riding, you can find me: With my family in Truckee, CA or at the beach
5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Big Wednesday
6. Who/What inspires you? I am inspired by the mountains. I have shaped my life around the mountains and they continue to inspire me.
7. Favorite:
a. Bands: Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Damian Marley
b. Books: The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
c. Vacation Spots: The ocean; I grew up near the ocean. It balances me out.