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Athlete Limelight: Jeremy Jones

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

October 2, 2012


Jeremy Jones is widely regarded as one of the best big mountain snowboarders in the world. Nine times voted “Best Big Mountain Rider of the Year” by Snowboarder Magazine and has starred in over fifty snowboard movies worldwide, including 2010’s “Deeper”. Jeremy was named “2010 Action Sports Athlete of the Year” at X Dance and is the Founder and CEO of Jones Snowboards. Jeremy also founded Protect Our Winters to unite the winter sports community against climate change. Jeremy has appeared frequently in worldwide media including Outside Magazine and TV, Men’s Journal, ESPN, Fox News, NBC and National Geographic. Last weekend in Aspen, CO at #TheMeeting8, Jeremy introduced his new film Further. Everyone turned out to see what Jeremy Jones put together.

Who are your sponsors? What model board do you ride?
As the owner of Jones Snowboards, I’m constantly evolving by testing new boards but my go-to board would have to be the Mission 161 or Flagship 161. Other sponsors: O’Neill, POC, Swatch, Cliff Bar, Contour, Sanuk, Karakorum, Now, Jones Snowboards

Q&A- Snapshot with Jeremy Jones:
1. The mountain I learned to ride on was: Stowe, VT when I was 9 years old
2. I can’t live without: The outdoors
3. My favorite food is: Raw Fish
4. When I’m not riding, you can find me: With my family in Truckee, CA or at the beach
5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Big Wednesday
6. Who/What inspires you? I am inspired by the mountains. I have shaped my life around the mountains and they continue to inspire me.
7. Favorite:
a. Bands: Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Damian Marley
b. Books: The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
c. Vacation Spots: The ocean; I grew up near the ocean. It balances me out.

Meet Aspen Spora, the 11-year-old ripper everyone is talking about

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

By: Freeskier Magazine
July 17, 2012

Words by Brody Leven
Photo by Ren Rob/O’Neill

When I was eleven, I was eating crayons and dirt. He, on the other hand, enjoys sunflower seed cheese, prefers beet-kale-carrot-apple-celery juice to soda, and fancies his organic veggie burgers bun-less. He once told me that hot dog buns taste like candy.

I hung Vincent Dorian posters over my bunk bed and watched Evan Raps on VHS. He has Tanner Hall giving him high-fives at Woodward Tahoe and is hanging out with Tom Wallisch at X Games.

I attended my ski hill’s annual gear swap so my parents could buy me the previous year’s jacket at a discount. He receives next season’s gear from O’Neill, Armada, Oakley, Dalbello, Marker, Contour, Sweet Protection, and A-Line Insoles. Free.

Aspen Spora is a prodigy. A handful of his web videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. During his tenth winter on Earth, he foreran the X Games superpipe and The North Face Pipe and Park Open Series courses, and filmed with Warren Miller Entertainment. His social media following exceeded that of most established professionals before he was old enough to have a computer.

What exactly is on the mind of the youngster with the long golden hair, bright blue eyes and the jacket that covers his knees? I caught up with him this week in Whistler to find out:

Brody Leven: What’s happening in the wonderful world of Aspen Spora?

Aspen Spora: I’m hanging out in Whistler with Team O’Neill and skiing at Camp of Champions. We are making the O’Neill Experience, a video series about the team. But my favorite part has definitely been paintballing with everyone.

BL: Do you remember the first time someone recognized you on the hill?

AS: At Whistler. Two days ago.

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