Choosing the Right Gear for Kids

Just like with adults, children will get the best experience from cross country skiing with properly sized and fitted equipment. Some shops have buy-back, trade-in, or long-term rental plans for children's gear, so check with ski shops before you pass down ill-fitting equipment. And make sure to re-fit your child each year. While it certainly can get expensive to keep equipment up with their growth, sometimes new boots or bindings can be all a child needs to upgrade from year to year to ensure their comfort, safety and progression on the trails.Kids Cross Country Skiing - Snowlink

Even if your kids are good at downhill, cross country requires a different skill set. It’s important to know that most cross country skis for kids are designed with beginners in mind. Children’s cross country skis have added features that enable the kids to have optimum balance, stability and control. They’re also more flexible and more lightweight in nature than adult cross country skis. Waxless skis are great for kids and even toddlers can enjoy a stroll on wide plastic cross country skis that they can strap on to their regular snow boots.

Make sure cross country skiing is fun for the child. Keep the trails simple and non-threatening until they gain skill and confidence. Do your best to ensure a positive experience on their first few cross country ski outings. Before you go out as a family, consider a group or even private lesson for your child so they can grasp the basics. A good foundation will set the stage for success!

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