Southeastern Ski Clubs

Snowsports clubs are a great way to make new friends and find partners to head to the mountain with! Some clubs get together year-round to watch movies, share stories and plan for big trips the upcoming season, too. You’ll get great discounts when traveling in groups – especially because many regional groups belong to larger overall groups, yielding the best deals of them all!

Crescent Ski Council
The Crescent Ski Council consists of 22 ski and/or outing clubs located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. Membership in a club affiliated with The Crescent Ski Council automatically entitles a person to membership in the council.

Ohio Valley Ski Council
The OVSC has clubs in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Many of the members are listed below as individual clubs, but check the website for a complete list of contact information on its 13 member clubs.


Clearwater Ski and Sports Club
Clearwater/St. Petersburg

Florida Ski Adventures
Based in Tampa, this group takes two trips per year for the purpose of skiing and meeting new people.

Jacksonville Ski Club

Miami Ski Club
A ski club that provides members with year-round activities, from summer and winter snow skiing and scuba diving, to bike ride trips.

Orlando Ski Club

Tampa Bay Snow Skiers


Atlanta Ski Club
This is one of the largest and oldest ski clubs in the country, with about 4,000 members and trips throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Frankfort Ski Club

Lexington Ski &Sports Club
Member, Ohio Valley Ski Council

Louisville Ski Club
Member, Ohio Valley Ski Council

University of Kentucky Ski and Snowboard Club

North Carolina

Asheville Ski Club
Year-round ski club in western NC. Offers hiking, biking and rafting in non-snow months. Snowboarders, telemarkers and skiers are welcome. This club has racing.

Charlotte Ski & Snowboard Club

Home of the Ski Bees

Raleigh Ski & Outing Club

Winston-Salem Ski & Outing Club

Other North Carolina snow sports clubs
For information, consult the Crescent Ski Council website.

South Carolina

Columbia Ski Club

Greater Charleston Ski Club

Palmetto Ski & Outing Club

Other South Carolina snow sports clubs
For information, consult the Crescent Ski Council website.


Chattanooga Ski Club

Knoxville Ski Club

Nashville Ski Club