Women have been skiing as long as the sport has been around. And whether you're a two-day a year skier or tout 100 days on the mountain, you should go with gear made for women.

We don’t wear men's jeans because the butt’s too low. Their shoes are too wide. So it makes sense that men’s gear won’t ever give you that cozy, perfect fit. You want your boots, your goggles, your outerwear and your bindings to fit like a glove. And a snowboard, skis or snowshoes made with a woman’s body in mind. Nowadays 40% of skiers and snowboarders are ladies, and thankfully over the past 20 years manufacturers have put on their lipstick and focused on the snow femme fatale. We’ve got Olympic champions, our own contests and some of us (ahem, Lindsey Vonn) are even getting ready to compete against the men!

First of all, our center of gravity is lower than men’s. The sidecut of your women’s skis and snowboards have a waist (central point) further forward to accommodate this. Our skis and boards are also lighter, narrower, and with a softer flex. They’re also shorter. Taller women with feet over a size 9 can consider men’s skis or snowboards but should pay attention to the other factors we mentioned.

Boots are arguably the most important piece to a ski or snowboard setup. Imagine skiing in those chunky heels or flats. The goal here is function, not fashion. While women’s boots can look super cute, promise us you’ll go for fit first! And go for a women’s model 100% of the time. Boots are designed to accommodate our smaller lower legs and lower calf muscles. Yay! Women’s bindings, in turn, are designed to nestle snugly with women’s boots.  

Wearing men’s outerwear is like wearing men’s clothes. The sleeves are too long, the legs are too narrow, the crotch is too low and your butt hangs out. Women have our own snow fashion and it can be as hot as street style. Once our curves are accommodated and our shirts don’t come untucked we have a lot more fun on the hill! We’ve got tons of great fashion on Snowlink.com. Be sure to check it out!

When it comes to the finishing touches, accessories companies cater to you too! Narrower goggles better frame your face and fit nicely with a helmet. Your fingers feel best in well-fitting, women’s gloves. Even socks are fit to your feet (plus they’re sooo much cuter, too!) Even your “undergarments” are made in women’s sizes and styles. Layer up to a perfect fit, step into your bindings and head to the mountain. You are ready, lady! And you’ve got the right gear for a perfect powder day!