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Peace of Mind on the Mountain

Hear nothing but the snow under your snowboard or skis’ turns. The crunching of powder underneath your feet. Air so fresh it cleanses with each breath. The undulating powder like magic waves guiding you down the mountain. Being out in the mountain elements can be one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. While you are exercising, all of your senses pull your brain in a bunch of different directions, rendering an overall soulful experience that can seem effortless even though you’re getting a real workout!  

Think meditation sans lotus position. Even as you focus on your run or your trek, there’s a calm that can overtake you with peace, and also the joy of exhilaration! You really don’t know until you try it.

The feeling of immediate reflection upon your run as you get to the bottom, gazing back up at your recent path, is something so hard to describe. Your heart’s racing, your eyes might be tearing and your cheeks will most definitely be rosy. You might have to fight an overwhelming urge to jump back on the lift before some of your friends reach you. And when you finally get back on the chair you might be giddily chatting, or you might say nothing at all. But it’s quite the experience.

And what about snowshoeing or cross country skiing out in the backcountry? Only nature surrounds you as your steps and breaths fall in rhythm with your partners. Without your equipment you’d be stuck gazing out a window or waiting for the snow plows to clear you a walking path.

All this soul recharging notwithstanding, snow sports can do amazing things for your physical health. With the range of activities your heart rate from fat burning mode all the way up to cardio strengthening mode, you can add years to your life in addition to a goggle tan. Check out our fun stats [link to the calorie burning page].

But snow sports is a lifestyle, not just an exercise plan. Most who begin it find it hard to stay away from the peace of mind and strength of spirit a day amongst the trees, up in the clouds, can be. Prepare yourself with the right gear and outerwear, take a lesson if you’re new, and find yourself on the field or on the mountain. We’ll see you there.