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Snowshoeing is an affordable winter sport the whole family can enjoy. Bundle up in your warmest hiking gear with appropriate winter outerwear and boots—then add snowshoes! You'll get a fantastic aerobic workout and view your favorite winter places from a whole new perspective.

While you may be expecting snowshoes to look like the old leather and wood pair you saw hanging up in a resort lodge somewhere, you may be surprised! Modern snowshoes are made of a lightweight, aluminum frame with durable synthetic decking to keep you "afloat" on the snow, an easy-to-use binding system to hold your feet in place and a toe and heel crampon system for traction. Snowshoes - Snowlink

Snowshoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to offer each individual optimum flotation on the snow and best maneuverability in various conditions. Modern technology has paved the way for highly customizable snowshoe setups for each member of your family. They come in a variety of all-terrain styles, with some models designed exclusively for backcountry, trail walking and hiking. Women's snowshoes are designed specifically with female biomechanics in mind. There are also a large variety of children's models available.