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How To: Choose Your Board

Are you new to the shred game? This simple flow chart will help you find the right board.


How To: Set Up Your Stance

Don’t wait ’til a cold parking lot on opening day to put your new kit together—get it…


How To: Find Your Stance 

Whoa there, Hondo. Before throwing double corks, you need to know how to stand on that new deck…


How To: Find the Right Snowboard Boots

Here are a couple tips on how to find the right snowboard boots for you.


How to: Set Your Snowboard Bindings

Bindings and boards have standardized mounting systems, and almost all are are compatible. If unsure, consult a local shop.


How to: Detune Your Snowboard

To detune your snowboard, use a small hand file, angled 45 degrees to your board’s edge, and pull with a few small strokes towards you to dull the edge. Polish with a gummy stone to keep smooth.

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How To: Backside 270 Lipslide With Louif Paradis

Louif wants you to rule the down bar at your local zone by helping you…


How To Frontside 180 To Switch Nosepress With LNP

LNP rips. Frontside 180′s To Switch Nosepress’s rip. Put the two…


How To: Switch Frontside 720 With Dan Brisse

The Switch Frontside 720 is an advanced trick. Think you are ready to step..

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Trends, News & Events

  • News & Events

    Mountain High Offers Fresh Take on Night Snowboarding

    Wrightwood, CA (January 29, 2016) --There is a new twist to shredding the snow at Mountain High. Stickman LED suits designed for snowboarding recently appeared at the Wrightwood winter resort. Made by Glowy Zoey, skiers and snowboarders of any size can now hit the slopes looking like a human flashlight. Click here for night snowboarding…
  • News & Events

    Mountain High Draws Biggest Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend Crowd in Five Years

    East Resort’s Grand View Bistro Opens for the First Time Since 2012 Wrightwood, CA (January 19, 2016) -- Mountain High enjoyed its best Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend in five years as more than 16,200 guests visited during the three-day period. Visits were up 30 percent from last season and 55 percent compared with two…
  • News & Events

    Mountain High Reports a Successful Turnout for World’s Largest Lesson Day

    Wrightwood, CA (January 9, 2016) --Mountain High joined multiple winter resorts across the U.S. on Friday, January 8 at 10:00 a.m. in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Lesson. The event, in conjunction with January’s “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month,” encouraged first-time skiers and snowboarders of all ages…
  • News & Events

    Today’s Storm Drops Significant Snowfall at Mountain High

    Wrightwood, CA (January 5, 2016) -- Between four and six inches of snow has accumulated at Mountain High so far today. Click here for new snow video b-roll. Skiers and snowboarders can follow all the action daily at Mountain High through its online network of live cameras. For the latest snow conditions at Mountain High,…
  • News & Events

    $10 Learn-to-Ski or Learn-to-Snowboard package offered by Ski Butternut on Friday, January 8, 2016 as part of the Guinness Book of World Records - World’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Lesson Event.

    Great Barrington, MA (January 4, 2016) -- Ski Butternut is one of 120 ski/snowboard resorts across the country that will host a Guinness Book of World Records event in hopes of setting a joint record for the Largest Ski or Snowboard lesson. Lessons take place at 10 a.m. on Friday January 8, 2016 and the…
  • News & Events

    Kushi-riki Launches Generosity Campaign to Share the Warmth

    Philanthropic Kids Brand Donates 100% of its Profits to Organizations that Serve Children Denver, CO (January 4, 2016) -- Children are our most precious resource.  Guided by this belief, Kushi-riki is honored to debut a generosity by INDIEGOGO campaign to assist in launching its philanthropic children’s brand.  Kushi-riki crafts clothing and accessories for children—and then…
  • News & Events

    Mountain High Hosts World’s Largest Lesson Day on January 8, 2016

    Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month Arrives with Guinness Record Event Wrightwood, CA (January 4, 2016) --January’s arrival marks the start of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month at Mountain High and the resort is participating in the World’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Lesson Day set for Friday, January 8 at 10:00 a.m. Multiple winter…
  • News & Events

    Mountain High Celebrates Successful Holiday Season

    East Resort Set to Open January 8, 2016 Wrightwood, CA (January 4, 2016) -- Mountain High enjoyed a successful Christmas season and, thanks to the current El Niño weather pattern, its East Resort is expected to open Friday, January 8. Holiday visits from December 19, 2015, through January 3, 2016, were up 15 percent compared to…