Tell your gear to meet you at the mountain.

Navigating the airport with all your stuff is a nightmare. And, with the new airline baggage charges, it’s now more expensive to fly with your gear. So save money and time-ship your gear.


Ship Your Gear via FedEx® to avoid baggage fees and the hassle. With the new airline baggage charges, it’s now more expensive to fly with your gear. Plus, lugging your stuff through the airport is never pleasant. So improve your mood and your finances-ship your gear. The best experience you can get on the mountain is with your own ski or snowboard. Ship Your Gear.

Different options to Ship Your Gear can be purchasing a shipping box through FedEx®, using your own ski/snowboard bag packed tightly with clothing to help pad the equipment or using a hardcase like a SportTube to ensure your equipment arrives safe and protected.

Shipping your gear via FedEx Ground offers an affordable alternative to the airline baggage fees.

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SnowSports Industries America (SIA) has negotiated a consumer discount on shipping of up to 16% off select FedEx Express® services, up to 8% off select FedEx Ground® services and up to 15% FedEx Ground service to Canada processed through FedEx Ship Manager® at or FedEx Ship Manager® Software. This program is open to consumers eligible for a U.S. based FedEx account.

Check with FedEx for sample rates using a standard ski (12” x 8” x 74/80”) or snowboard (14” x 9.4” x 67/72”) bag  anywhere from 8 lbs up to 25 lbs. Rates may change due to surcharges and other fees. Pricing can vary from appox. $35 for FedEx Ground to over $100 for FedEx Express. 1-800-463-3339.

Check each airline for baggage charges as they continue to change. In some cases, a ski/snowboard bag and boot bag are considered “1 bag”. Southwest, Air Tran, Alaska Air, Frontier, Jet Blue and United with Premiere status do not charge for the first checked bag. Checked baggage fees range from $0-$125*.

*Some airlines do not charge for a first bag and 3-5 checked bag can be as high as $125 depending on the airline.


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