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 Do Now

1.    Get excited to learn something new and to get outside this winter.

2.    Find some really fun friends to take with you (optional step)

3.    Visit the Winter Trails website (www.wintertrails.org) and go to the “find a site” page.

4.    Search your state or the state you would like to participate in.

5.    Find a site you like, or one that is near you, or one that has a cool event description that you like

6.    Complete the online registration and print the completed page to take with you

On event day

7.    Get up early and have a great breakfast

8.    Dress in whatever you have that will keep you comfortable outside in the winter conditions.  Don’t forget your hat and gloves and bring a camera.

9.    When you arrive, you must go through registration, but if you have the printed form you already completed, it should be a breeze.

10. Now you are ready to go.  Visit the demo areas where the snowshoes and cross country skis are and get outfitted to have fun.

Remember that each site is a little different, so do listen to what the staff tells you.  If you have fun, and we know you will, ask the staff how you can do it again, they will be very helpful.